Movers & Shuckers Disaster Recovery

At the end of June, 2012, powerful wind storms ripped through the entire state of Ohio, leaving thousands of homes and businesses without power.

For Movers & Shuckers, a new Ohio-based farm business, losing power left the company with a big problem. They faced potentially significant downtime — with no access to phones, internet, or company data.

To help with their situation, Movers & Shuckers turned to ComResource and Fidelity Voice and Data. Working together, they were able to transport Movers & Shuckers’ phone system to ComResource’s 3CX VoIP telephone system with Fidelity’s InterCloud service.

“We were incredibly impressed and pleased with the level of service we received from both ComResource and Fidelity Voice and Data,” said Movers and Shuckers COO Rusty Valko. “When we found ourselves without power on a Friday evening, they were immediately responsive. I would definitely recommend their services to any business owner who needs their business up and running at all times.”

Click here to read the case study from Fidelity Voice and Data.

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