IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights

ComResource has built a team of experts with over 18 years of experience in international supply chain management. From retail/manufacturing to health care, we have the know-how to help you achieve cost savings, operational efficiencies, and seamless global...


To assist you in on-boarding new partners using IBM B2B Integrator, ComResource created Flex (Flexible Foundation Pack) to provide the simplest and most efficient approach to implementing your integration solutions.


ComResource created MapEx to help simplify data migration and upgrade efforts with the assistance of mapping conversion


ComResource has migrated tens of thousands of files using the IBM SFG MFT solution. Capitalizing on this experience, we created the OPTx to expedite the IBM SFG implementation and extend its capabilities for maximum functionality.

Oracle B2B Quick Start Pack

ComResource has created an Oracle B2B Quick Start Pack to help you with your EDI and XML implementation projects. This Pack is intended to give you a jump-start and reduce your implementation time and cost.

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