IBM Gold Reseller and the first and only
Gold-Accredited North American Business Partner

15 Years of Successful IBM Partner Onboarding

ComResource is a certified IBM software reseller and systems integrator.

Fast. Customizable. Powerful.

ComResource expert integrators have designed and implemented applications that further enhance the power behind tools like IBM’s Partner Engagement Manager (PEM).

During IBM’s Software Promotion, ComResource can assist in streamlining your Partner Self-Onboarding operations.

What’s Included During the IBM Promotion

Partner Onboarding
  • Onetime setup of new Supplier
  • EDI Envelopes automatically added to B2Bi
  • Communication details gathered for hosted SFTP or AS2
Document Testing
  • Support for outbound POs, inbound ASNs and Invoices (including 997s)
  • Download Implementation Guides and sample documents
  • Test syntax for inbound documents
We Make it Easy

You can be set up and running in as little as a week. Here’s how it works.

What Happens After the Promotion

Choose what’s right for you.

1. “I want to continue to add value”

Continue as implemented as monthly SaaS engagement OR add additional value:

  • Fully integrate with backends and other applications
  • Automate provisioning of Production environment
  • Add integration with Sterling Secure Proxy and/or LDAP
  • Add additional communication protocols
  • Add support for additional documents
  • Engage Partners in more Activities (Comms testing, Contact updates, etc)

2. “I want to end the program”

We back out the PEM promo deployment from your B2Bi and you do business as usual

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