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Why ComResource

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, ComResource is required to maintain certain metrics with our team and skill set.  This verifies that the support and solutions our clients receive adhere to industry standards and Microsoft best practices.

Whether you’re new to the cloud or looking to expand your investment in cloud-based architecture, our experts can help you achieve your desired goals.  ComResource offers a wide variety of cloud and virtual solutions that provide you with around-the-clock access to your applications and documents no matter where you are.

Our Offerings and Capabilities

We have partnered with leaders in the industry that have a proven track record for success, innovation, and stability, keys to any cloud and virtual solution.

Advanced certified engineers

Proactive management and failover configurations = less downtime, fewer disruptions and peace of mind

Customized hybrid solutions = ease of use, network redundancy resiliency, user mobility, and industry-leading security for all critical business applications

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