Information Security

Why ComResource

Did you know that most data breaches could be avoided with existing technology?

While your ability to access your data and systems has become much more streamlined, the task of protecting and securing these valuable business assets can be daunting and confusing. Unfortunately, for most businesses, it is not a matter of IF you will get attacked, but WHEN.

Important questions need to be answered…Are your IT security practices managed, documented and enforced?  Who has access to your data? Could your business withstand an extensive cyber-attack and ransomware? What is your recovery plan?

ComResource offers a full line of comprehensive security practices that can be tailored from the most basic to the most complex set of requirements. Our certified engineers design and deliver precise solutions to meet your business’ needs including remote access, wireless access, networking, email & password security, and multi-factor authentication requirements.

Our Offerings and Capabilities

Internal/external vulnerability assessments including penetration testing
Business continuity, information security and vendor risk management recommendations
Disaster recovery planning and testing
Information security policy creation
Current policy and procedures review
Technical safeguards development and implementation
Comprehensive best practice solution design

Server infrastructure
Networking infrastructure
Cloud integration solutions
Data encryption (in-motion / at rest)
Authentication system integration
Monitoring, detection and alerting

Wireless systems
Mobile device management
Employee and guest access
Systems update and patching
Change management
Governance and oversight

Our Partners

We have partnered with leaders in the industry to offer the most advanced security strategies and solutions.

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