Oracle Quick Start Features

Business Activity Monitor

It is important to your business to know what data is being processed and in what state of completion it is. Live data feeds provide you with the visibility you need to react to problems and make sound business decisions.

Custom Dashboards

Dashboards can be customized to provide only the data you want to see. If you are in support you want to proactively know what and where the problems are occurring and what to do to resolve them. You may want your Partners to have visibility into their data and if you are making management decision you want to see the critical business metrics for your company.

Exception Handling

Management by exception is the key to a good integration platform. Being able to quickly determine where the errors are and where to go to resolve them can save many hours. A single view of the entire process will help you manage these errors and quickly resolve them.

Problem Resolution

Direct links from the Business Activity Monitor to the Business Process that incurred the problem is the key to quickly resolving issues. Solutions can be designed to be restarted at critical entry points to allow for recovering and error correction.

Detail Document Tracking

The ability to track all of the activities for a transaction is critical. The Activity Monitor gives a complete end-to-end view to allow all components to be seen from a single source. Details of the actual documents can also be viewed in their original format as well as after being translated. This gives complete visibility of the transaction.


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